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The First Phase of Good Food Hero Summit ·DAY 2//Brainstorming

Editor's note: This is the report of the second day of the summit. Due to word limit and time constraints, we couldn't reproduce the scene with excitement, contribution, and affection. We tried our best to record some events through words and photos, hoping to bring some inspiration and harvest to the friends who did not attend. If you are interested in our summit, please click on the link at the end of the article. Thank you.


01 Keywords: Keeping a Balanced Diet; Changing the World with Every Meal; Forest Sustainable Agricultural System


Kiyomi Noguchi is sharing something about “Keeping a Balanced Diet.”


 "Vegetarianism is not just about keeping away from meat!" On the second day of the Good Food Summit, Kiyomi Noguchi, from Osaka, Japan, talked about the importance of following the "Macrobiotic" concept, "keeping a natural balanced diet."


After being updated by Michio Kushi, George Osawa's chief disciple, the "Macrobiotic" diet was applied to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the United States and practiced by former Vice President Gore as well as many Hollywood stars. With a blaze of publicity in various publications in Japan, more and more attention is paid to it. According to a Japanese economic news report in 2005, more than 10% of women born between 1947 and 1957 experimented with this diet, while 4 million people in the United States were practicing and benefiting from this theory.


The founder of Macrobiotic, Kiyomi Noguchi, is a direct  disciple of George Osawa. Inspired by her master, Kiyomi Noguchi is grateful for nature and the universe and has been committed to "keeping a natural balanced diet" research. The core idea of the "keeping a natural balanced diet" is that the children will be relatively healthy if they are raised with an appropriate hulled rice diet and natural nursing treatment of food. She concluded: "The universe was created by the order of Yin and Yang."


At the same time, Kiyomi Noguchi also told us that vegetarianism also requires regular eating habits, because "everything comes from the right eating habits" and even drinking water has certain rules to follow.


SONG Caiqing is sharing something about “Changing the World with Every Meal”


Ms. SONG Caiqing, the founder of FLOURISH Canteen in Taiwan, also shared her entrepreneurial experience on the second day of the summit. She went from knowing nothing to knowing everything. She believes that "eating can change the world", so FLOURISH Canteen starts making delicious hulled rice and tries to find the most natural taste of food step by step. Finally, what it presents to the public is natural, simple, and healthy food. Also, every employee of FLOURISH Canteen devote full-time efforts, so the food they make is also creative.


QIU Cheng, an action research educator whose speech topic is "On Sustainable Food System." She explained the process of growing food from soil to table. Our health is closely linked to food, so a food chain that is sustainably supplied to people, including from growing to selling, is essential. With her own experience, Ms. Qiu brought us a new "forest sustainable agricultural system" from New York, including the composition of "forest ecology and agriculture." She shows how to implement urban agriculture, compost, and the farmer's market model into New York. Finally, she introduced the project of her "Sustainable Agricultural Exchange and Talent Development" program.


The question-and-answer session after the speech was also inspiring. Among them, Ms. Qiu replied that organic food is generally expensive at present because people are still in the past monoculture and have spent a lot of workforce in the agricultural model. If we can adopt sustainable forest-agriculture, food would be allowed to grow in a natural state, with less workforce and more output, reducing costs while restoring ecological effects. Finally, Ms. Qiu hoped that we can treat food from the source and live in peace with nature.


02. Intimate interaction gave full play to ideas


After 60 Minutes of guest sharing time, everyone still did not feel fully satisfied. During the 40-minute question-and-answer session, people were scrambling to ask their questions to the guest. But 40 minutes were so short that everyone was still immersed even after the lecture.


03 Behind the delicious food was their hard work



Food and tea breaks at lunch

These delicious food was tempting at first sight. On the second day of the Good Food Roadshow, more and more food was offered. At this summit, we not only met many like-minded friends, but also enjoyed delicious food. This allowed people to learn what good food is, and to have a deeper feeling for fruits and vegetables. Everyone likes good food, but we should learn to be grateful for the people who made the food, for the volunteers, and, of course, for the delegates who polish our summit.


Volunteers in the kitchen are making delicious food


The delegates were also involved in our food preparation process to feel the hard work behind each meal.


04 Parallel Session--A "TED Talks" show for participants


In the afternoon, 12 delegates shared their experiences with us.

1. Wang Yiping:"Let the Lifestyle of No Injection and No Medicine Enter Thousands of Households". In her speech, she introduced the whole framework of Naturopathy Home and the development of  Naturopathy library.

2. Lin Yanfeng: "To Make the World Better". When environmental pollution and resource waste are essential topics, he intended to influence more people in his way to build a better world.

3. Wei li: "Mindful Eating." She explained the "mindfulness eating" theory and shared the experience of advocating this concept.

4. Gui Yanlei: She shared "What's for Dinner?" with participants.      

5. Gang Hao: "Choose a better life." Hope more people would join in the process of all-organic transformation, including helping consumers to help producers.

6. Na Bin: "From Fast Food to Slow Food" . She introduced why and how to be a slow eater .

7. Zhang Si: "Eat&Pray&Love". She talked about her own experiences with diet changes and the importance of food for mental and physical transformation.

8. Chen Jiazhen: "My Terrace Planting Experience". Caring for your family and yourself, although the terrace is small, you can build a great garden as long as you make good use of it.

9. Amelie Rousseau: "America's Farm-to-School Good Food Education".

10. Zhou Jing: " An Acre of Land That Plants Good Food in Everyone's Heart "- Remember all the participants involved in the Good Food Roadshow with shared dreams and directions.

11. Zhang Xuan: He presented the creation and development of "Animal Research".

12. Du Yaming: "Good Food? Good Teacher?". First of all, educational change is taking place. And then, where would human education go? Third, how is vegetarian education possible?


These mini-presentations were so wonderful that all the participants were fruitful.


05 In the workshop, three instructors provided“guidance at your fingertips”face to face for participants


The module of "Creative Studies" is led by the directorJian Yi and Mia MacDonald. The definition of "research" is extensive. It doesn't have to be a very rigid academic paper in the university. Any innovation in theory or practice belongs to the category of research. At present, the dissemination and promotion of good food are in urgent need of original research. Many researches, data and documentaries on vegetarianism and animal protection are from American researchers. We are only responsible for translation and dissemination, lacking China's original data, original articles, and videos. This requires the joint efforts of good food heroes.


On the other hand, Mia introduced the current experience in promoting vegetarianism in the United States and provided help and guidance for the promotion of our vegetarian research in China. The promotion of vegetarian food does not necessarily require a publicity method. People can create many interesting pictures, videos, etc., to spread vegetarian food in a convenient and fresh way. Mia also showed us some exciting photographs and research materials about US vegetarian food, which were very enlightening.


Then, all participants were divided into several research groups to introduce the topics they hope to study at present. In the end, each group respectively conducted in-depth discussions on several issues, including vegetarian writing and dissemination, vegetarian picture design, animal ethics, food certification, medicinal diet research, vegetarian education research, etc., and formed some relatively matured views and plans.


Mr. Liang is sharing his entrepreneurial experience.


The adviser of the entrepreneurship module, Liang Zheng, is a famous venture capitalist and the summit venue's supporter. From the perspective of learning life and starting a business, he gave us several practical ways of success. He believed that if you want to accomplish anything, you must have love and respect for everything. Things will go smoothly only when these two states are well balanced. He also told young people that if they want to accomplish something, they must proceed from their hearts and conform to the Tao, to inspire more young people with the potential to work together. Young people at the age of 18 have to start being independent.      


Matt Grager is giving a presentation.


In the communication module, Matt Grager shared his successful communication experience and promotion of environmental protection activities throughout the workshop. In a lively and interactive way, Matt Grager taught everyone how to integrate the successful model of the wildaid team into their projects to better promote their own messages in a more effective way.


I would like to thank all the partners who have supported and participated in this summit, including all the volunteers working in the kitchen, all the partners who silently contributed, all the participants from all over the country, Tongsheng Charitable Hall and Yangzhou Weipu Co.,Ltd who provided the venue, Shanghai Shiyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd and China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation. Thank you again for your support!




Writer | 高阳远帆 

Photographers | 高阳远帆、杨素榕

Editor | 小清

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