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What kind of culinary experience will silent dining bring?

With the heavy and distant echo of a singing bowl, the vast banquet hall gradually calmed down. All the guests in attendance were chewing their food slowly, almost reverently, appreciating the happiness and touching feeling that the food's flavor brought out.      


The ten-minute “silent dining” session is new to most people living in modern society. One aspect is that guests can experience the beautiful awareness following a peaceful calm state of mind, it also successfully embodies one of the core ideas of “Good Food”:  the respect for food.


1.jpgTibetan folk artist Cai Rang performed on the singing bowl, accompanied by his vocals.


On the night of August 4th, all tSecond Good Food Summit participants gathered in the Red Palace Banquet Hall in the Tibet Hotel Chengdu to attend the welcome banquet held by the Himalaya Happy Mandala Group Limited the co-organizer of the summit. At the dinner infused with Tibetan cultural elements, the participants enjoyed an exquisite feast of vegetables.



The French chef Justine and South African chef Nikki, together with chefs from Tibet Hotel, jointly contributed to the summit's lunch meals.


拉卡藏·恩义, the co-founder and CEO of the Himalaya Happy Mandala Group Limited, served as the host throughout the dinner. With wise and exciting explanations, the sophisticated elder guided participants in learning the styles and concepts of experts and speakers attending the banquet.


3.jpgThe host was interviewing Rafi Taherian.


4.jpgThe host was interviewing Kristie Middleton.


5.jpgThe host was interviewing Lee Hyun Joo.


At the end of the dinner, the host encouraged everyone to say “hi” the Tibetan way. Participants from across China and around the world filled the hall and danced with joy hand in hand, led by the Tibetan artist Ciaran.


6.jpgForeign experts danced with Tibetans.

Suppose it's warm hands that connect everyone physically. What's connect their hearts is a shared belief: a commitment to construct a home of happiness through concentrated efforts to change food -- a process that values health, taste, environmental protection, kindness to animals, and sustainable development.



On the afternoon of August 4th, experts, caterers, and student representatives from domestic universities attended a small-scale roundtable conference on “how to promote food reform in domestic university canteens,” arranged by the Good Food Fund at Aroma Bar in the Tibet Hotel Chengdu.



There is a roundtable conference on university logistics management before the Second Annual Good Food Hero Summit.

Participants included:

Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-general of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF);


Jian Yi, Director of the Good Food Fund, CBCGDF;


Zhang Nianmei, vice-head of the dining center of Peking University;

Wang Yu, Fudan University Catering Management Office;


Greg Drescher, vice-president of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA);


Rafi Taherian, vice-president and logistics assistant at Yale University;


Kristie Middleton, managing Director of the Humane Society of the United States' (HSUS) Farm Animal Protection program;


Becky Ramsing, Senior Program Officer at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for a Livable Future;


Lee Hyun Joo, initiator of “Meat Free Monday” in Korea;


Hou Bing, Chief Representative of China in CIWF;


Zhang Yuehan, journalist for Southern Weekly;


Student representatives from Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, and Columbia University.



The discussion was sincere and intensive. After acquiring details about the present food supply systems and domestic universities and colleges' ideas, these experts and professionals gave pertinent advice on food reform in university canteens from their accumulated practical experience. Administrators and chefs working in domestic university canteens also shared their thinking and practices during the reform and engaged in fruitful in-depth exchanges with foreign pioneers about practical details.


Zhou Jinfeng, secretary-general of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, said that at  this crucial moment to the sustainable development of humanity, everyone present should bravely shoulder their responsibilities and become “Good Food Heroes” to lead the public to a promising future.


The Second Good Food Hero Summit formally opened on August 5th. Please stay tuned for more exciting content! 


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