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New Year Menu Release | Our Chefs

Without a doubt, chefs play a critical part in the food industry chain, connecting manufacturers and consumers. When people get to know more about the food system, the chefs who seldom get a chance to show their faces in public may one day become KOLs, presenting their ideas and driving trends.


"Global Food Leadership Forum-Feast of World-Famous Universities 2019", one of the "Good Food Fund's" projects, invited seven top chefs to China. Aged between 40 to 70, our "delicious experts" are experts at preparing their regional dishes. Under the ingredient restriction of "85% pure plant and 15% livestock-friendly foods", they carefully selected from past works and presented a set of traditional and sustainable meals. After that, they took our sustainable menu to the foremost universities in the US to share their ideas on sustainable food.


Meet the Good Food Chefs!



Seven top chefs made their debut


Nie Jingjun (nick name: AJun)


Founder of China Light Vegetable Food;

Founder of Shanghai Wei Tiao Health Management Company;

Won the title of“Oriental Gourmet Young Artist”in 2017;

Won the“Top 10 Chinese Vegetarian in the World”in 2017;

Vice President of Chinese Vegetarian Association;

Heir to the Palgongsan Tofu Feast


AJun had been involved in the  food and beverage industry for 21 years. He was exposed to natural and chemical-free ingredients due to his work, developed pure-plant dishes, and became a vegetarian. In 2014, AJun established his light vegetables workshop. His“light vegetable” idea combines a simple, balanced, natural, and zero-burden eating style, advocating for organic farming, natural farming, and no additives. He also promotes zero-emission cooking and a light living style, which respects nature's rules. 

Chris Wong


Apprentice of Patrick Lenôtre, a descendant of the famous French Reynolds baking family; Founded the Saint Germain French restaurant in 2004; Won the Master Award in the Bocuse d’Or in China region; Won the champion of CCTV The Taste Competition in 2014; Won the Dining Table Art Award of the Year in 2015.


Chris is the founder of Chris Table. The concept is taken from Chef's Table, which means “breaking the barrier between the kitchen and the chef and the customer, allowing them to experience the entire serving process from farm to table.” At the same time, he is also the chef of Veg Tables, a vegetarian western food  company, promoting healthy vegetarian food options.

Ren Jinsuo 


Senior expertise

National Hotel Industry Judge

China Golden Chef awarded by China National Famous Chef Cultural Center


Ren is now the chef at the Center of Refectories & Restaurants at Peking University. Working at the Peking restaurant since  age 17, he witnessed for 38 years the come and went of millions of students and faculty. He grew from a kitchen aid to the outstanding chef and then to Peking restaurant director. He knows the taste of China's future top talents.

Zhang Shaogang


Apprentice of Li Qigui, China's top 10 cooking masters

Engaged in cooking for more than 20 years

Current Executive Chef of Yuzhenfang


Based on Shandong cuisine, Chef Zhang Shaogang managed to integrate other cooking techniques into his dishes. He pays a lot of attention to ingredient selection and cooking techniques. He is keen to find inspiration from ancient food books. As a pioneer in transforming gastronomy culture into tangible art, his dishes are fresh in taste and rich in culture.


Wang Feng


Ingenious Chinese cooking senior technician

Winner of China Golden Chef Award

G20 Hangzhou Summit State Banquet Service Excellent Instructor

Excellent teacher of vocational education in the national catering industry. 


Director of cooking and nutrition courses at Zhejiang Business College; Deputy director of Zhejiang Food and Beverage Culture Institute; Director of China Food and Beverage Professional Managers Association; Executive vice president of Zhejiang Provincial Healthy Food Public Welfare Promotion Association, Zhejiang Provincial Committee of Healthy Vegetarian Culture Executive Vice President.


Chef Wang Feng has been engaged in catering management and cooking teaching for 21 years. He is an expert at teaching Chinese cooking techniques and dish development, planning and managing catering projects, preparing dishes with medical properties, and using healthy cooking skills. He is experienced at larg-scale catering management and large-scale catering culture publicity. Wang is also one of the event sponsors to bring Healthy Vegetarian Culture to Zhejiang University.


Zhang Zongming (nick name: Heiming)



Founder of Xiamen HeyMing Restaurant; Won the “Golden Chef” of Xiamen in 2010; Won the“Most Creative Dishes Award” in the 2012 US Potato Master Cooking Master Chef Competition; Won the Best Young Chef in China in 2015; Won the 1st prize in the Xiamen Golden Snack (Xiamen Pizza) in 2016. 


Involved in cooking for 25 years, Heim represents the contemporary Fujian cuisine, which combines traditional culture and innovative food ideas. He restored the traditional ancient Xiamen Pizza of the Ming Dynasty, praised by foodies Shen Hongfei, Chen Xiaoqing, Cai Lan, and countless other consumers. Chef Heiming has a stern attitude towards food and traditional cuisine. Behind this, however, he has a caring heart. He is a loving “breakfast dad” who cooks different dishes every day for his eleven-year-old daughter. Heming once said: “If you can‘t find me in the kitchen, then you  can find me at the grocery.”


Li Qun


Senior Pastry Technician

Engaged in the Chinese pastry cooking industry for more than 50 years

The first batch of members of the China Cuisine Association


Li served Muslim snacks at Nan Lai Shun Restaurant in Beijing for 18 years, and then he served Shangdong Chinese pastries at Tai Feng Lou Restaurant, a time-honored brand in Beijing. Since 1986, he has been involved in Beijing cooking research work and has trained a large number of senior pastry chefs. When he retired in 1999, Li was still a contributing member to the community and continued to teach and train students, write books, judge for competitions and act as an advisor, inheriting the traditional skills that carry the essence of Chinese food culture. Li believes in healthy and hygienic restaurants and promotes the use of the best ingredients.


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