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Good Food Pledge


Good Food Consensus


We take the following points are self-evident:

1. Loss of biodiversity and climate change are common threats to humanity.

2. No one should be hungry.

3. No one deserves to pay the price of health or even life because of a lack of access to healthy diet.

4. One should not waste food.

5. There is no justification for abusing farmed animals.


We agree that:

1. Transforming the food system can actively and effectively mitigate global climate change, preserve biodiversity, improve public health, and better ensure food security and social equity in the case of population growth.

2. A good diet can nourish the body, mind and the community. Good food production and consumption can maintain a balance ecosystem. Good food is the most powerful lever to optimize public health and our ecosystems.

3. Everyone should know where their food comes from and how their food affects themselves and the world.

4. The scientific evidence of the positive impact that good food has on diet, health and environmental protection is very clear, and we need to act now.

5. In the era of ecological civilization, every citizen has the right to green consumption.



Good Food Pledge


We pledge and appeal to all institutions, families, and individuals around the world to join the following Good Food Pledge for the future of humanity: 

1. Plant Forward – Plant-based dishes account for no less than 85% of each meal.

2. Animal Welfare – Do not support products that are affiliated with animal abuse, such as cage-feed eggs.

3. Healthy Eating – Choose whole foods, support healthy cooking, avoid high sugar, excessive salt and deeply processed foods and beverages.

4. Reduce Waste – Take/order what we can finish and finish what we take/order.

5. Local Seasonal – Choose local and seasonal ingredients as much as possible, support ecological agriculture, and support small farmers.

6. Circular Economy – Reducing the use of disposables, especially disposable plastics. Recycle and reuse.

7. Preserve Biodiversity – Refrain from eating wild animals, choose sustainable seafood, and support sustainable and diverse ingredients.

8. Food Education – Promote food education and participate in food education courses.


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