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Curtain-up on the 5th Annual Good Food Summit!

Curtain-up on the 5th Annual Good Food Summit!


The previous four GFSs: Yangzhou – Good Food Heros 2017, Chengdu – Menus of Change 2018, Suzhou – Opening up the 2020s 2019, and online – Focus on Sustainable Systems 2020.

In these past events, we welcomed a total of 166 speakers from mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Poland, Australia, and Nigeria. From 2017 to 2019, more than 500 participants attended the offline Summit. In 2020, more than 200,000 people tuned in to our online Summit livestream, and posts about the event received over a million views.

The 5th Good Food Summit will take place from September 10-12, 2021. Aside from the GFS main forum, we will have thought-provoking sub-forums on four topics: Healthy Sustainable Food - Animal Welfare; Eco Chef 2030; Healthy Urban Food Environment; and Food Education.

In the main forum, we will update participants on the UNFSS-AT2 China Action Hub’s progress and explore ways to build a long-term action mechanism to maintain the momentum of the UN Food Systems Summit. We will be joined by a panel of Chinese and international experts and scholars, including the Deputy to the Special Envoy for the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 and the representative of IFAD China.

We will also debut the annual Best Sustainable Food Practices awards and announce this year's winners! We hope these outstanding examples and innovative visions will inspire fellow trailblazers on our journey toward a sustainable food system.

This year's Summit will also feature discussions and presentations with leaders like Steve Mclvor, Gunhild A Stordalen, Roy Steiner, and Prof. Fan Shenggen to share thoughts on GFF’s core issues, including post-pandemic industrial farming, meat consumption, healthy diets, and food system transformation.

In the sub-forum "Healthy Sustainable Food - Animal Welfare", three scholars of Chinese traditional culture will lead us through Chinese traditions of animal protection and food and see how the idea of "animal welfare" can be traced back to Chinese traditional culture. We will also discuss how to drive market-based changes for animal welfare and link the theoretical concept of "animal welfare" with people's everyday need for healthy food, in an effort to put more high-welfare products (such as cage-free eggs, grass-fed beef and mutton, etc.) on the dining table.

In "Eco Chef 2030", we have invited speakers from culinary institutes, non-profit organizations, and communication agencies, including Greg Drescher, Paul Newnham, and Dana Smith, to share on international F&B trends, plant-forward chef training and practice, animal welfare, and healthy diets. We will also discuss how to engage chefs in creating more plant-forward menus and listening to the market's responses.

The sub-forum "Healthy Urban Food Environment" welcomes Olav Kjørven, Rafi Taherian, Ron Hernandez, and Malcolm Mckenzie, among others, to share with us how to build a healthy food environment in school canteens, F&B businesses, corporate catering, etc., and how public communication plays a part in building cities' healthy food environment.

For the food education module, we have Becky Ramsing, David Havelick, and China's front-line food educators on board to share about the growth and change that food education can bring to individuals and organizations. We will also explore how to build a national food education network to promote the transformation of food systems and lifestyles to a healthier and more sustainable framework.

This year's Summit is a 2.5-day online event that presents a range of reports on the latest progress and achievements in the sustainable food movement. Please join us! Click the link below, or scan the QR code.


Time (GMT+8: China Standard Time)

Main Forum: 9:00-12:25, Sept 10, 2021

"Healthy Sustainable Food - Animal Welfare": 14:00-16:55, Sept 10, 2021

"Eco Chef 2030": 9:00-12:30, Sept 11, 2021

"Healthy Urban Food Environment": 14:00-17:20, Sept 11, 2021

"Food Education": 9:00-12:35, Sept 12, 2021





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