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About Good Food Fund


The Beijing-based Good Food Fund (GFF) was founded by internationally acclaimed filmmaker and activist Jian Yi ( in 2017 and is run by a Chinese staff. It is part of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), headed by Mr. Hu Deping. CBCGDF is one of the first national public foundations accredited by the central government. Current CBCGDF Board Chairman is Mr. Xie Boyang ( ), member of the 32-member State Council’s Counselers’ Committee who advises the Chinese Premier, and Vice-Chairman of the 8th Executive Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.


GFF focuses on promoting Good Food for food system transformations. GFF Board members includes Victor Koo (, founder of, also known as China's YouTube + Netflix, and Mia MacDonald, founder of Brighter Green ( and advisor to the Good Food Summit.


Launched in 2017, the Good Food Summit is China’s first national event focusing entirely on discussing sustainable food systems transformation.  It has become an annual celebration of ideas, practices and leaderships among China’s pioneering activists and organizations championing food system transformations.  We have always felt that in order to keep humanity within planetary and health boundaries by 2050, urgent action must be taken among all stakeholders and these endeavors need to be well coordinated and also be sensitive to China’ social political system and respectful of its long cultural traditions and nuances.


Key partners in the past three editions included Brighter Green (since the 1st edition of the Summit), Yale Hospitality, Slow Food Greater China and ICCAW (International Corporation Committee of Animal Welfare). We have also worked with Meatless Mondays, the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, the Culinary Institute of America, the Harvard Sustainability Office, the EAT Foundation, leading Chinese food companies, and universities including Peking University and Fudan University.


GFF is known to be a pioneering Chinese organization that takes a systematic and pragmatic approach to dietary and food system transformation in China.  It serves as a hub that connects and incubates change-makers.  As of August 2020, GFF’s Good Food Hub initiative was selected into the final 10 of the Food System Vision Prize 2050, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation.  Some of GFF’s highlights in the past few years include:


• Four successful editions of the Good Food Summit that has become an annual assembly of change-makers working in China’s food space.

• Two successful editions of the Good Food Festivals/New Year Food Fashion Shows (held in January before the lunar New Year every year) that has become an annual celebration of chef-leaders who support food system transformations.  

• A National Alliance for Good Food Designers (professional and amateur chefs who support good food) has evolved out of the Festival.

• Co-founded the Food Forward Forum with Yale Hospitality in 2019, which has engaged top Chinese chefs, journalists, entrepreneurs as well as Peking University, Harvard University, University of Massachusetts at Amhurst, University of Connecticut, the Culinary Institute of America and Google headquarters in New York City, aiming for bringing about changes in China’s institutional food services.

• Partnered with EAT Foundation and hosted the China launch of the EAT-Lancet Report in 2019

• Published the Good Food Pledge in 2019, outlining eight major areas the public can support sustainable food transformations and aiming to serve as a framework for change in the food space similar to the UN SDGs to global sustainable development.

• Published China's first Meat Atlas in 2020.

• Reinvented Chinese ancient characters to change the public discourse around plant-based eating

• The Good Food Fellowships finds, trains and supports young food activists.

• Hosted the first ever journalist workshop in Beijing in 2019 on food system transformation – for more than 20 journalists representing 15+ China's top media outlets, including Caixin, Southern Weekly, Caijing,

• GFF has been featured on top national media and has thus generated a good amount of in-depth media contents on food system transformations.  These media coverage were carried by the Southern Weekend, China Cuisine Magazine, China In-Air Magazine (carried on all China's passenger aircrafts), Caixin,, China Dialogue, etc.

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