"Turning Crisis into Opportunity: Creating a Blue Ocean of Food Systems Innovation" | 2023 Good Food Summit Commences



Although we are slowly recovering from the three-year haze of the COVID-19 pandemic, greater and more pressing issues still lie ahead of us – ensuring food security, combating climate change, preserving biodiversity, promoting healthy diets, and more. Each of these issues harbors substantial risks for our future, necessitating systemic solutions and unified efforts from all stakeholders.


Halfway through the timeline to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the stakes are huge. The UN has reported that half of the targets under the Goals show moderate or severe deviations from the desired trajectory. And transforming the global food system is one of the key actions to get them back on track. 


The direction of food systems transformation is clear enough—ensuring healthy diets from sustainable food systems for all—but shifting the current status quo will not be easy. Many gaps remain between international processes, national policies, academic research, societal advocacy, market and business behaviors, and the consumption choices of each individual.


Accelerated action for change is urgently needed. As China's first non-profit organization to focus on food systems transformation with the mission of "Promoting Good Food for Human Health, Animal Health, and Planetary Health", the Good Food Fund has been holding the Good Food Summit annually for the past six years. The Good Food Summit is China’s first annual event dedicated to advancing food systems transformation by connecting stakeholders, facilitating exchange of ideas and practices, and incubating future actions. Since 2017, the Good Food Summit has brought together universities, research institutions, experts and scholars, businesses, social organizations, and practitioners from dozens of countries, and attracted attention from millions of viewers through livestreams and social media engagement.


7th Good Food Summit Agenda & Content

The 7th Good Food Summit will continue to bring together stakeholders from every link in the food value chain to share practices, recognize trends, inspire wisdom, turn crises into opportunities, and collaboratively craft a blue ocean of food systems innovation that truly promotes the sustainable and healthy transformation of local and global food systems in the post-pandemic era. To this end, this year’s Summit has set up:

October 20 morning: Main forum on "Global and Chinese Food Systems Transformation Path";

October 20 afternoon: Sub-forum on "Transformative Actions of Various Organizations from Home and Abroad";

October 20 evening: Two themed roundtables focusing on how to create climate-friendly restaurants and how to promote consumer access to high-quality animal products;

October 21: Farm-to-table food system best practice case studies, expert commentary, and dialog between decision makers from universities in China and the US.


 Featured Topics

While practicing regenerative agriculture and high-welfare animal farming on the production side, how can we make it easier for consumers to access these ingredients and achieve a truly healthy and sustainable diet?


What are the key levers of change between production and consumption—such as trade, urban and community food environments, education, etc.—and how do they work?


Dietary Guidelines, the EAT-Lancet Planetary Health Diet, the Mediterranean diet, mindful eating...What do different dietary standards and philosophies suggest for exploring healthy and sustainable and dietary patterns that are appropriate for different regions in China?


Two months ago, the Good Food Fund joined the UN Food Systems Summit's first biennial Stocktaking Moment. What noteworthy global actions have been initiated? What are the latest program developments of the Good Food Fund?


Plant-Forward, Animal Welfare, Healthy Eating, Reducing Waste, Local Seasonal, Preserving Biodiversity, Circular Economy, and Food Education… After collecting best practice cases for three consecutive years, what practices have been discovered that deserve further promotion? And what can we learn from them?


International organizations, universities and think tanks, large supermarket chains, restaurants and hotels, major food enterprises, eco-farms, "model villages", urban communities, social organizations, media platforms, as well as artists, scholars, chefs, nutritionists, and influencers—from different countries, regions, industries and identities—How do they inspire each other and join forces to achieve innovation?


Time & Location & Format

The 7th Good Food Summit will be held online on October 20 and 21, followed by several on-site workshops (times and venues to be announced). The online session will be a virtual stage for sharing new knowledge, exchanging experiences and ideas, and thinking about the future, while the on-site workshops aim to deeply connect and empower partners to foster impactful actions on the ground.

We sincerely look forward to meeting you at the 7th Good Food Summit. Together with participants from various backgrounds, let’s embrace collaborative endeavors, consolidate innovative practices, and drive genuine changes!