"Healthy Diet, Healthy Planet" - 2022 Practice Case Collection results announced

In the Good Food Summit, we officially announced the results of the 2022 "Healthy Diet, Healthy Planet" Practice Case Collection activity. Continuing the Practice Case Collection activity piloted in 2021, CFSAH launched a new edition in June 2022. From June to August, we received a total of 51 front line cases covering all stages of the food life cycle, from production and processing to retail and waste disposal.


After completing preliminary screening, case interview and expert review, 12 organizations including Puhan New Youth Commune, Beijing Fengguichao Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Leishan County Manyou Ecological Family Farm, Tangshan City Fengrun District Free Eggs Farmers' Cooperative, Heilongjiang Dong Nong Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., Gansu Times Olive Technology Co. Ltd., Yantai Shinho Weidamei Food Co., Ltd. - HONA Organic, Shanghai DaiZou Network Technology Co., Ltd., Green Monday Group, China Resources Vanguard - OLE Boutique Supermarket, RuoSu - 24 Solar Terms Food Nurturing, and Suzhou Industrial Park Green Light Year Environmental Service Center received "Best Practice of the Year" awards. In addition, 25 cases showing strong vision and development potential are entitled as "Model Cases of the Year".