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The First stop | Reveal the Chinese New Year at Yale

At Yale, you can also live a healthy and delicious Chinese year that will not " Get you fat "!


“During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Pig in 2019, a New Year menu - "Leads the Future"--made by Good Food Fund and its 7 chefs the co-created Spring Festival dinner with five top universities in the United States, including Yale, Harvard, and the Culinary Institute of America, promoting the exchanges of international sustainable diets. This is the first time that Chinese chefs have toured the world's top schools. "


This New Year Feast world tour has come to an end successfully. Next, the Good Food Fund will continually report the series of "World New Year Feast,"  Sharing the interaction between both eastern and western food cultures and bringing the most cutting-edge sustainable diet dialogue and an interesting tour of famous schools.


At noon on February 2nd EST, 7 chefs of the Good Food Fund, journalists, and entrepreneurs arrived in New York from Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, and Fuzhou, respectively. The Good Food Fund delegation from China had officially assembled. That night, Mia MacDonald, the long-term strategic partner of Good Food Fund and the founder of Brighter Green, a public welfare and environmental protection agency in New York, specially prepared a party in her New York home to welcome the arrival of the Good Food Fund delegation.


Note: Mia MacDonald, the founder of Brighter Green, welcomes the arrival of the Good Food Fund Delegation


On the afternoon of February 3 EST, a relaxing cruise arranged by Yale’s friends brought the Good Food Fund Delegation to enjoy the scenery of New York along the Hudson River. Different from the cold New York covered with snow a few days ago, today the sun is shining and the temperature is gradually warming up. It's a good day to be out. 


Note: Good Food Fund Delegation with New York


Legend: Master Li Qun took the lead in dancing before the boat returned to Manhattan Beach Pier. Subsequently, Mei Ann Teo, a Singapore theater artist living in New York, immediately joined the dance.


The delegation enjoyed the food on the cruise ship, admired the scenery along the way and took a photo with New York under the sun, and spent a relaxing and pleasant day. 「Yale」The New Year Feast was at Yale University. Yale University is the world's top university, located in New Haven, Connecticut, and is the third university established in American history and one of the eight Ivy League schools. In addition to the top Ivy League schools, Yale has received the first batch of Chinese children studying in the United States, including Rong Hong. Its relationship with China is deeper than any of the world-famous schools. Yale ’s food service has a history of more than 300 years. Yale has been a supporter of the catering revolution throughout history. As early as the late 1990s, a group of Yale students began to advocate for organic food in the school. For over a century, generations of diverse Yale graduations have devoted to the construction of China. For example, the Yale-China Association had made outstanding contributions to China's medical and educational undertakings for more than 100 years, and thus, have received the respect of the Chinese people. Today, Yale may become one of the first contributors in the field of food reform in China. At present, the pure plant-based diet provided by most of Yale's canteens has reached 85%. And this is also the standard of pure plant-based food ratio for the New Year Feast menu designed this time. For more stories about Yale dining, please see Yale Turned Out to be A First-class Foodie 


「collision at back kitchen」


At 2:30 p.m. EST, the Good Food Fund Delegation set off from New York to the Yale campus. This was the only table meal on the tour and the first appearance of Good Food chefs’trip to the United States. And it was also on the New Year's Eve of Chinese New Year, the Yale New Year Feast must be very grand. In order to present a perfect feast, chefs decided to arrive in New Haven one day in advance. They wanted to feel Yale's strong academic and traditional atmosphere and to bring Yale students a "Chinese style" New Year's Eve dinner.


The Yale Hospitality partners told us that the Yale chefs had done all the preparatory work in strict accordance with the Good Food New Year menu instructions and graphics. According to their years of experience in working with chefs around the world, they were full of confidence. The next day, after enjoying Yale's breakfast, the chefs entered the "ready state." The Chinese and American chefs cooperated and discussed with each other, offering a New Year's Eve dinner with sincerity and hospitality. Good Food chefs and Yale Hospitality chefs worked together to complete the preparations for the New Year ’s Eve dinner. Under the guidance of pastry chef Li Qun, chefs have tried to make Chinese hand-pulled noodles. 「Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner in Other Country」 In the evening, the Yale New Year Feast officially announced the launch of the "Global Leading Food Conference and 2019 World New Year Feast" tour. During the feast, Jian Yi, the founder of the Good Food Fund, and Mr. Rafi Taherian, Assistant Vice-President of Yale Hospitality, and Mr. Adam Millman, Deputy Director of Yale Hospitality, shared their insights on food leadership and catering innovation.


Mr. Rafi Taherian shared that market research showed that the younger generation have greater  consumption of food and they demands healthier and more environmentally friendly food at their school.  And universities were often the largest food buyers in a region (for example, UCONN is the largest food buyer in the whole state of Connecticut). Therefore, the catering supply of universities had a greater impact on local agriculture. Second, he believed that the decision of university catering services is actually vertical. For example, school canteen can have a lot of cooperation with teachers, students and researchers, while horizontal competition with other schools does not actually exist (because compared with ordinary restaurants , the "customer" group is completely different). In addition, the university's catering services can help cultivate the consumption habits of future consumers. At the same time, compared to other catering systems, the university's catering services strive to innovate and allow "mistakes." Ordinary restaurants often dare not innovate because they are worried about the loss of customers, but the school does not have this problem. Therefore, the innovation cost of university catering services is relatively low, which is why many catering innovations in the United States often start on college campus.


Mr. Rafi Taherian visited the eight cities in China (a total of twelve events) with the Good Food Fund from March 23 to April 4, 2018, and shared with friends from all over "Yale Green Dining," and his in-depth thinking on food, rich experience and interesting practice.

For related reports, please refer to the Yale Tour Report! (full version)


Note: The feast was held in a lively and warm atmosphere, with more than 300 people in the auditorium.


Legend: Each seat was prepared with the menu of that night and the introduction of 7 chefs.

Legend: The " Global Leading Food Conference and 2019 World New Year Feast" tour officially opened.

Legend: At the dinner, Yale's partners specially arranged the lion dance performance of the traditional Chinese festival. The blue and white "Yale lion dance" was a highlighted of the dinner.

Legend: The Good Food Chef appeared at Yale New Year Feast.

Legend: Yale Logistics encouraged teachers and students to attend the dinner to share the feast and win prizes on social media.


Yale News reported on this event: https://news.yale.edu/2019/02/01/yale-hosts-top-chinese-chefs-sustainability-focused-culinary-exchange The chefs had a lot of feelings. Chef Zhang Shaogang shared that "there were some dishes at the dinner that made Chinese students abroad shed tears of excitement." This is undoubtedly the biggest affirmation of the debut of this new year feast. However, the journey of "The Good Food Fund Delegation" has just begun. The next day, the chefs would go to the second Good Food New Year Feast at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMassAmherst). So stay tuned for future sharing.




Jian Yi


Some pictures come from Yale Center Beijing