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The Start of World Top Schools New Year Feast Tour 2019

"On the Spring Festival in the Year of Pig, 2019, the Good Food Fund and 7 Chinese chefs brought a especially designed menu, 'leading the future', to join five top US universities, including Yale, Harvard, and the Culinary Institute of America for a New Year's Feast, and to promote an international conversation about sustainable diet. This is the first time that Chinese chefs have toured the world's top schools. The Good Food Fund will continuously report the series of "World New Year Feast," sharing the collision of Eastern and Western food culture and bringing the most cutting-edge conversation about sustainable diet and an interesting tour of famous schools to you.


February 1, New York, Sunny


This is New York City photographed on a civil aviation plane yesterday. Yesterday was the coldest day in New York in 2019. The cold snaps of these two days have caused many deaths, mainly in the Midwestern United States. The five prestigious schools visited this time: Yale, Harvard, Culinary Institute of America, Massachusetts University, and the University of Connecticut are all around New York. Among them, Connecticut, where Yale is located, is cold in the winter and has only about 9 months a year during which it is suitable for planting. Therefore, in the words of Yale partners, if you look for "local seasonal" food, New Haven (Yale city) in the winter will only produce a lot of snow.


Note: To welcome the Good Food Delegation, including seven food chefs, journalists, and experts, Yale staff have prepared this welcome board, which was shipped to New York and placed at the door of the hotel. (However, the Chinese translation is quite interesting)


"Plant Based-New Year's Chef Feast"


This tour follows the 85% plant-based diet principle, which is a big challenge for a Chinese New Year’s Feast because in the past decade or two, New Year's Eve dinners have increasingly favored meat and high-fat diets, which are neither healthy nor environmentally friendly. Therefore, focusing on health and the future, we have invited 7 top chefs to design a New Year Feast menu with 85% plant ingredients. And 85% is the proportion of plant dishes that Yale canteen served. The 15% animal-base protein is kept on the menu to allow us to discuss an issue, that is: we can do better when we consume animal protein.


Therefore, plant leadership, animal welfare, and ecological agriculture are the three main points that "Good Food" needs to consider when they design the diets. Dr. Tim Ryan, the president of Culinary Institute of America (CIA), the youngest master chef in the history of the United States and the youngest president of the American Culinary Association, said at a speech in Yale Beijing Center and Peking University: "All scientific evidence (environmental science, nutrition, food safety research, etc.) points in one direction: Humans must have a considerable increase in plant-based diets.


Note: Dr. Tim Ryan, President of the American Culinary Association


Therefore, the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University and the Harvard School of Public Health jointly launched the “THE MENUS OF CHANGE INITIATIVE” to promote plant-based diets in universities and restaurants throughout the United States. This initiative has seen great results: Yale University has promised to double the plant-based diets on campus between 2010 and 2020. More than 100 top universities in the United States (and at the same time in the world), including Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT, have joined the initiative. Dr. Ryan, who is famous in the American culinary world, also pointed out that the top chefs he knows are developing plant-based dishes to replace traditional meat-based dining methods. This new food culture trend is unstoppable. This New Year Feast event will last two days at Harvard. On the first day, the Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health and the head of the Department of Nutrition will have lunch and talk with participants.


Dr. Walter Willett, former head of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University, is known as the "most cited" scientist in the world (all scientific fields, not just nutrition). His research shows that in order to improve public health, a large number of plant-based dietary changes must be promoted. He is a staunch supporter of the “Plant-based” initiative. And as the grandfather of two children, he is further motivated to call for changes for our for changes for our younger generation’s survival on this planet. It’s more urgent to change catering structure for the environment than nutrition transformation.  Dr. Walter Willett, former head of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University

"A Visit to World-famous Schools"


The universities that we visited this time have their own advantages. Yale University has very good research on environmental science and sustainable development issues. And Harvard University's public health and nutrition majors have a greater influence. The Department of Nutrition at Harvard University is undoubtedly the top school in the field of culinary art. You may be more familiar with the above famous schools, but what many people may not know is that the University of Massachusetts is also one of the five universities in this activity.

1.         The canteen of UMass ranks at the first in the United States, higher than Yale, Harvard and Stanford.

2.        The Department of Food Science at the University of Massachusetts ranks first in the United States and is truly a top professional.

3.       Professor Decker, the chair of the Department of Food Science of Massachusetts University, who is about to attend the Good Food Dialogue, is one of the most cited authoritative scientists in the field of agriculture / food in the world, and is also an expert of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


At dinner, Yale Hospitality Director Adam Millman told us that "Yale News" reported on our upcoming activities. As a result, the Good Food New Year's Eve dinner had received more than 600 Yale students’ application within 2-3 hours, and until today, more than a thousand. But it’s a pity that only 200 seats are available, and still, we need to reserve more seats for senior management, professors, Yale alumni, etc. Before the feast on the evening of the Feb.4th, three top chefs from the United States, Africa and India will speak with the Good Food Fund. Although none of these chefs are vegetarians, they are sparing no effort to promote plant-based diets.

Image source: Yale Hospitality Instagram


At noon on February 2nd EST, several good food chefs, journalists and entrepreneurs from Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and Fuzhou arrived in New York. Next, more exciting parties and Good Food Feasts are coming.


2019.2.1 New York / Jian Yi