The 2020 “Good Food Fellow/ Good Food Junior Fellow” List was Officially Announced


The Good Food Consensus: a comprehensive platform to promote sustainable diets; a link between individuals, families, institutions, communities, and promoters of sustainable food; a framework for thinking about and striving towards goals that allow sustainable diets to reach people’s hearts and be carried out.


Focusing on the "Good Food Consensus," the 2020 "Good Food Fellow / Good Food Junior Fellow" projects will continue to promote the healthy, gentle, kind, and diverse practice of good food in China.


After the application, review, and communication phases, the 2020 "Good Food Fellow/ Good Food Junior Fellow" starting list was officially announced. 


The Good Food Fellow series of projects (Good Food Fellow, Good Food Junior Fellow, and Good Food Media Fellow) are part of the Food Leadership Training of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation Good Food Fund (hereafter referred to as "Good Food Fund") . The theme of the 2020 Fellow series is "The Good Food Consensus".


(1) The Good Food Fellow 2020 fully agrees with the Good Food Consensus. We will focus on promoting one or more related areas.


(2) The Good Food Junior Fellow 2020 fully agrees with the Good Food Consensus. We will focus first on the "Plant Forward" aspect of the Good Food Consensus to study, explore, and promote the transformation to plant-based diets for human health, ecological environment, and animal welfare.


Cui Xue

Good Food Fellow 

Relevant Experience


Alumni of the 1st and 2nd Good Food Summit. During the second session of the Good Food Summit, Cui won the jury votes and received the first batch of small food funds. Due to the time conflict between summer camp and the 3rd Good Food Summit she could not participate on the spot, but she was responsible for organizing the preliminary meetings of the eight cities before the Summit.


Since 2010, she has explored how to embody the theme of food in children's drama education. In 2017 she began to use natural education, drama education, and other educational methods to teach about a sustainable food system. So far, she has carried out more than twenty natural food education activities held in different venues for people of different ages and has accumulated a variety of curriculum programs and practical experience.


Preliminary Plan in 2020


o   Introduce German food education textbooks, combine the content of the Good Food Consensus and localize it, and design the corresponding curriculum plans to promote to more kindergartens.


o   Design a four-season natural food education curriculum for different farms and popularize it in cooperative farms to promote the idea of the Good Food Consensus to farms and others.


o   As a national leader in the food education field of the Good Food Consensus:

Continue to focus on the Good Food Consensus, deepening and developing natural food education curriculum systems and activities. On this basis, carry out relevant teacher training and establish a teacher team and volunteer team.

Join more experts and practitioners in the field of food education at home and abroad to discuss how food education based on the Good Food Consensus should be carried out in the form of forums or joint meetings.

Encourage and help colleagues in the field of food education to spread the content of the Good Food Consensus to more families and institutions through course activities.



Ouyang Huiyu

Good Food Junior Fellow

Relevant Experience


Alumni of the 2nd Good Food Summit. At the 3rd Good Food Summit, Ouyang organized a roundtable of good food youth to promote the "Declaration of Good Food for Youth."


He promoted the concept of good food through campus club activities, with rich communication experience with the catering managers of Tsinghua University, including the chief of the catering service center and the canteen manager. He also worked as an intern in environmental protection organizations and held a summit that emphasized food in the framework of climate issues.


Preliminary Plan in 2020


o   Inspire the administrators of several domestic universities to recognize the Good Food Consensus and begin to practice it within a year. Mobilize and integrate existing resources in several colleges and universities through different appropriate forms: activities and campaigns students participate in such as canteen renovation contests, subject research, dialogues between vegetarian students and the school, and so on. Maintain in-depth communication with catering managers to understand their needs and find the driving force that may push them to practice good food, as well as resistance that may stop them from going on to encourage pilot experiments to summarize and share experiences with each other.


o   After fully familiar with the catering operation ideas of domestic colleges and universities and acquiring the experience of Yale and other international colleges (how to start from scratch), we will summarize these practices as a guide for domestic colleges and universities.


o   Make full use of the exchange and cooperation opportunities between domestic universities, Yale, and other international universities — and introduce plant-based trends to domestic universities. Invite domestic colleges and universities to participate in the Food Forward Forum and recognize the Good Food Consensus (it is best to take the opportunity of international exchanges to issue invitations from international colleges and universities). Share practical experience with each other during the Food Forward Forum and develop a roadmap for continuous improvement of practices. At the same time, a Youth Sub-Forum can be held at the Food Forward Forum.


o   Form an action guide for college canteen good food (plant-forward), with best practice case sets. Get several domestic universities to sign the Good Food Consensus and meet to formulate a roadmap for continued joint work in the future. In the next few years, attract more and more colleges and universities to join the college food network.


The above process is completed by the youth team. In the whole process, we should pay attention to the role of young people, exercise their abilities, and build a good food youth network.


Mr. Zhang Min

Good food Fellow

Relevant experience

Alumnus of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Good Food Summit.


Once worked as executive in several Fortune 500 firms, Mr. Zhang boasts 18-years work experience in supply chain, with 6 sigma black belt. He is skilled at lean management and the implement of the management system.


Now, he is working on environmental protection, farming education and organic agriculture, promoting healthy food and lifestyle.


Zhang’s food and agriculture education project started at the end of 2017, going pretty well for 2 years till now. His efforts are highly recognized by schools, students, parents and directors of the local education system. In 2019, the whole course was broadcasted live on Nanjing Radio; the project site was honored as Nanjing Campus Starlight Base; the course was rated as excellent course of the district. At the same time, the second campus farm project was successfully carried out.


Preliminary plans for 2020


We will continue working on the campus food and agriculture education project promotion, building beautiful and edible campus farm that match the local climate and topography and increasing campus biodiversity. We will develop courses on food and agriculture as well as teach students to plant and observe crops, which develops their exclusive perception about live and nature, improves their sensory ability, exploration ability and operational ability and promotes the healthy development of students both physically and mentally.


It is planned to settle down cooperation with another 8 schools by the end of 2020, apply a standardized food and agriculture education project to 10 schools in Nanjing. In the meantime, finding partners in surrounding cities, so that we can spread our program and idea to other cities.


As a national leader in the food education of the "Good Food Pledge ", we will continue to promote the importance of organic agriculture and healthy eating habit and go further in the researches on campuses sustainable development. What’s more, we strive to work together with domestic supporters to promote campus food and agriculture education.


Wang Zier

Good Food Fellow

TV host, Spiritual Singer, Eco-Lifer


Relevant experience


He has planned and presided over “Vegan Diet makes Perfect life”, “Pursuing Vegan Diets”, and other programs. He has also integrated vegetarian food with other arts, launching events such as the "Wear Love Cruelty-Free Fashion Show, Vegan Old Shanghai Concert." He also gave keynote speeches at Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanjing Normal University, and other universities, such as "Vegetarianism Makes a Good Life" and "Vegetarianism Makes Me Invincible." The audience was overwhelmingly responsive, inspiring many to rethink healthy eating and life, while spontaneously choosing a plant-based diet!


In August 2017, in order to better verify the physical strength and endurance of vegetarians, a dozen like-minded people joined the "10,000 Miles Vegetarian Ride" to preach a vegetarian and eco-friendly lifestyle along the way, which aroused people's enthusiastic support and attention.


Understanding “Good Food”


In my opinion, "Good Food" means food that has good quality and is safe and green. Such profound words are a great expectation and a great blessing to the people of our country and the world! Environmental pollution and spiritual pollution result in food contamination. If you want to improve your food, you have to improve your state of mind! The first project to improve is food education, which can be extended to cover the other seven projects of the Good Food Fund.


Food education can be spread in schools, communities, enterprises, and so on, and I think the most widely influential communication vehicle is the production of video programs, through the mobile Internet into the hearts of countless people. I'm convinced that there's nothing better than visualization to spread the idea of Good Food!


Future plan


When I was in hosting the World Buddhist Forum and other cultural activities, I found that many Buddhist devotees have not chosen a vegetarian diet, so in future activities I will actively introduce them to how "plant forward” diets can have positive influence on human health and the planet’s health, choosing vegetarian Buddhist believers to provide another perspective on religious views.


At the level of action, I will plan relevant activities, formulate effective incentive methods, and promote wide attention and positive change to plant-based diets in the Buddhist community.


In addition, I will actively cooperate with the following activities held by the Good Food Fund to provide help and organically combine what I am doing with the Good Food activities.


A Jun

Good Food Fellow

light vegetables studio founder, Good Food chef


Understanding “Good Food”


The year 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. China's economy is developing rapidly, and the material standard of living is improving day by day. Meanwhile, a fast-paced lifestyle, insufficient exercise, and a diet high in fat, protein, and sugar have greatly increased the chances of getting sick. In addition, climate warming and the loss of biodiversity are also common threats to all mankind.

The eight principles of the Good Food Pledge provide theoretical guidance for individuals, families, and groups to systematically promote healthy, sustainable and Good Food eating habits. Since it was put forward, it has received support from many people and institutions.


I have been engaged in the cooking industry for more than twenty years. I have gained a lot and learned a lot from my work experience. Finally, I have formed a healthy and beautiful lifestyle of "light vegetable food." Light vegetarian diet advocates a simple, balanced, zero-burden, pure plant, and sustainable diet, which coincides with the principles of the Good Food Pledge and is complementary with it. Over the years, I have worked to promote a plant-based, sustainable diet and to bring healthy, positive living habits to more people.


Relevant Experience


At present, I have promoted the concept of "light vegetable food" to more than 200 restaurants at home and abroad and have been to many provinces, cities, and countries. In addition, I have been employed as a lecturer and nutritionist of light vegetable extracurricular activities in many primary schools and kindergartens to cultivate kids’ health, sustainable eating habits, and life philosophy.


In addition, I also work to improve the working environment of chefs.


In the cooperation of the restaurant, the priority is to choose modern kitchenware, promote green environmental protection, and cook with less oil, salt, and smoke — not only to ensure the health of the dishes, but also to reduce the physical and mental harm of smoke to chefs.


Future Plan


In 2020, I will participate in more public welfare activities, join the "World Chef Declaration," and lead more chefs to sign the Chef Declaration in 34 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions of China, so as to influence more chefs to pay attention to and participate in the promotion of sustainable food systems in China.


I want to help more people pay attention to the Good Food Pledge, including sustainable plant-based diets. In addition to the activities I am called to promote, I will also focus on the field of cooking to innovate and design nutritious, beautiful vegetable dishes that can satisfy the public and make everyone like them. Let the masses vote with their mouths, influencing more people to choose sustainable eating habits unconsciously.


In addition to making good use of traditional social media such as magazines and microblogs, I will also make short videos about plant-based diets, healthy diets, and Good Food to spread the Good Food initiative by taking advantage of Tik Tok, Kuaishou, and other short videos aimed at young people's online habits.


Nancy Zhou

Good Food Fellow

Taoist Yoga certified instructor, green life advocate


Understanding “Good Food”


The eight aspects of the Good Food Pledge relate to the health and well-being of us, the planet and nature, and all other life. Whether it's from an educational point of view or from the perspective of our development trends and quality of life, it's critical.


The existing food consumption system can be improved through these eight aspects, so that everyone's food consumption becomes more healthy, sustainable, and able to nourish all life.


If we can engage with society in a positive way, with the right knowledge, and with abilities and skills that can be put into practice, then green businesses can be supported and thrive and we can build a better future together.


Future plan


I will assist the Good Food Fund to improve and promote the Good Food Pledge’s standard system, through a series of community interactive activities, such as the "old goods reborn" second-hand goods exchange, Earth Day, Environmental Protection Day, Green Life, Environmental Protection Summer Camp, Vegan Milk Day and other different themes companied by vegetarian meals, to show and spread the principles of the Good Food Pledge, gather the strength of individuals and enterprises, and popularize the content and importance of the Good Food Certification System.


Wang Xi

Good Food Junior Fellow


Relevant experience


A graduate of The Ohio State University, Stanford Ignite Scholar, I have worked in the Internet industry for many years, such as Xiaomi, LeEco, JD, and Facebook. I have 12 years of experience in organizing charity events and have been involved in over 1,000 events — and as the head of the Ohio State University Beijing Alumni Association, I have a good reputation and influence among the overseas students in Beijing.


As an Internet practitioner for 6 years, I am familiar with the way the Internet works and can achieve the perfect combination of online and offline. Most importantly I personally love a healthy, good diet, and I hope to do my part to protect the environment through my creativity with like-minded friends to accomplish it.


Understanding “Good Food”


With the development of China's economy, the public has a higher demand for food. People used to just fill themselves up, but now they want to eat well. At present, most web celebrity shops and takeout of fried spicy food really satisfy the current taste buds. But in the long run, not only does it have a negative impact on people's health, but also the waste produced by takeout food is a great harm to the environment.


On the one hand, the public has the demand for health preservation. The concept of tonic food in traditional Chinese medicine is becoming more and more popular, and there are many relevant advertisements. However, the public does not know how to maintain health scientifically, leading to the popularity of fake organic food and health care products. On the other hand, the public is willing to pay a reasonable premium for healthy food, but the market supply level is uneven, and the price of some healthy food is beyond the affordable capacity of the public, so it cannot be popularized.

I am very happy to have the opportunity to apply to be a Good Food Scholar and join this group. As an Internet practitioner, the 996 working schedule is very common, and my basic meals are takeout foods. Everyone's taste is mainly spicy, and after eating it for a long time, the tongue has lost its sense of the original taste of the food.


It's supposed to be fun to enjoy a meal after work, but the spicy taste of takeaway food is slowly making us lose our sense of food. The Good Food Pledge offers us universal values that are easy to understand, follow, and popularize: eating less takeaway, having a plant-based diet every Monday, eating more organic food, and eating seasonal food. I agree with all of these views and at the same time I think it's possible for me to follow the Good Food Pledge as an internet practitioner.


Future Plan


As a young scholar of Good Food, I hope to conduct six online and offline activities in 2020 to promote the Good Food Pledge to 600-1000 people offline, and have the influence of 100,000 people at the same time. I plan to develop a team of 10-20 people at the event and invite them to apply for the Good Food Scholars Program in 2021 to continue to promote the Good Food initiative.


At present, I have worked out a preliminary activity plan with some friends who like Good Food. The following are some offline experience activities that we plan to hold next year:

Tan Zhe Temple Vegetarian Experience - vegetarian self-cultivation.


Swiss Embassy - experience the freshest food in the most beautiful country in the world.

Roll up your arms - how to eat in the 996 work schedule

Global health - lessons from the longevity village

Top athletes can teach you tips - Li Na's conde healer gives you tips on healthy eating

Five-star top restaurant – Ritz Carlton's Western healthy dining experience

Personally, I quite agree with the concept of the book "Sense of Participation," so I hope to directly influence students, overseas returnees, and Internet science and technology workers by word of mouth to find interested partners in the activity and encourage them to organize activities by themselves to expand their influence.


Translators: Chloe Zhang, Viki, Cathie

Proofreader: Arianna Hairston